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I have always felt that music is the link between worlds. Most instruments begin from the imagination. And if this can be brought to shape, with feelings and patterns, suddenly there is a longing for a certain sound quality. From this, we can bring it to form. Instruments extend our human faculties and further enhance them.

Music gave me the opportunity of connecting or creating my own world. And as a result of my background and passion for Sound Therapy seen through the lens of acoustics, academic examinations, coupled with a hands-on approach, I offer a unique combination of movement, sound and ceremony as a doorway to being more present in every aspect of life.

This world of Sound Therapy offers unexpected information, insight, and creativity that is easily available if you close your eyes, quiet your mind, and listen deeply. It holds the possibility of experiencing your life in new ways as you learn to listen to yourself, to others, and to everything around you differently.

I invite you to browse through my website for further information on my up-coming events, what I do and offer to share with the world.


Whilst in modern day life we cannot always remove the cause of stress, we can all learn and practice skilful resilience and pragmatic ways to manage its impact and reduce and transform its detrimental effects. Noise pollution is now a world problem. 

In times like these, when were we are challenged by stress and anxiety on a global level, music remains an essential tool in which we depend on to help lift our mood. Music and elemental sound have been used in many traditions and in all cultures as an easy and accessible means of harmonisation, healing, rejuvenation of the individual, and for inspiration and invigoration of the society.

The various instruments used in these soundscapes represent a unique blend of crafted sounds and sophisticated ambient sounds. Tailored accordingly to the indications of the desired effects on the body and mind. These soundscapes are a sonic integration of natural and man -made sounds incorporating various musical elements into a listening experience. Of all forms of meditation, Sound Meditation is possibly the most relaxing, as nothing is required of the participant other than to be present, lie down, and relax into an immersive soundscape of depth and power.

Signature Sound Bath 
Signature Sound Bath 
Duet Sound Bath
Couple's Sound Bath
Reiki & Sound Meditation
Reiki &
Sound Meditation
Sonic Body Massage
Sonic Body Massage
ASMR Sound Bath
ASMR Sound Bath
Cellular Resonance Therapy
Cellular Resonance Therapy
Pet Sound Therapy
Pet Sound Therapy
Wellness Facial
Wellness Facial
Theragun Percussive Therapy & Gong Relaxation
Theragun Percussive Therapy & Gong Relaxation
All in One -Renewal Package
All in One -
Renewal Package
Warm Bamboo Massage
Coming Soon -
Warm Bamboo Massage

About me


Raised in Poland, Sonia was born into a musical family with a passion for mountain adventure and trekking. Independent from a young age she had traveled the world extensively across six continents exploring new cultures, broadening her mind and diversifying the portfolio of life experiences.

Former diving instructor, Sonia loves to dive deeper into discovering things which integrate wellness, promote inner beauty and encourage well-being.


Sonia has been fascinated by the field of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, acoustics and music therapy. That prompted her to greatly expand the Sound Therapy portfolio based on the academic examination, a scientific exploration, and a hands-on approach coupled with an emphasis on comprehensive education and precious guidance from Dr Mitch Nur - the founder and the research director of the private research learning academy - the 9Ways Academia based in the USA.

Sonia's mission is to assist and instruct her clients to actively participate and focus on the process of restoration of their well-being. This is where "the skillset of the practitioner is the true instrument and the bell or bowl are their tools. In the end, it is a shared holistic responsibility" - Dr Mitch Nur. 

Sonia currently resides in Sydney where she is preparing to welcome her daughter whilst developing Pre- and Post-natal Sound Workshops for Expecting Mothers and their little bubs.




54 Gladys Street

2116 Rydalmere 

NSW Sydney


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