"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" Buddhist Proverb

When I look back at some of the key experiences during my Sound Therapy training I had as a student , it is with fondness that I remember the teachers who really made a difference to my life. Below, some special mentions goes to:

Don Conreaux (left) - The Godfather of Gong Mastery, MEM Yoga and creator of Gong Puja; Aidan McIntyre (right) - teacher of Gong and Singing Bowl mastery based in the UK; founder of Rotogong and co-creator of the Global Gong Stand 


Aidan is a generous teacher who loves sharing his acquired wisdom on Sound Therapy as well as his large collection of Antique Singing Bowls (and Conch shells) in conjunction with his hand-made aspen wands.



Rolf Nitsch (on the right side) - Founder of Gongland Gongs and gong maker who creates some of the greatest gongs of all time ; As a producer of the Gongland gongs Rolf always gives a piece of my soul into the gongs and likes to advise everyone in his relationship to his gongs.

(that are a lot of "gong" words in this paragraph,         for obvious reasons!)


Martin Bläse - A third generation gong-smith; The creator and maker of Trigons, Cosmic Tubes, Plates and Titanium Gongs; Founder of Kultur-ur-Sprung, Germany.


Jens Zygar (far right) -  Global Gong Artist; Founder of the Integral Sound Music, Cosmic Octave and many more.


Andrzej Samek - Founder of "POZNAJ DŹWIĘK Relaks i Terapia", Poland; Singing Bowl Master Teacher;  Former Level II Instructor of Peter Hess Institute, Poland; Practitioner of the "Tune & Heal" Cellular Resonance Therapy.  


Barbara Angel - Founder of "Tune & Heal" Academy and Cellular Resonance Therapy. World renowned naturopath, holistic doctor, certified hypnotist, yoga instructor, teacher and musician.


Jaye Roberts - founder of Sivana Bliss in Port Macquarie, Australia ; Massage therapist, Acutonics practitioner, gong master teacher, Kundalini Yoga teacher and facilitator of many retreats.


Craig & Jacquie Shankster -

          Founders of Silence in Sound, a performance-based resource for Sound Practitioners, Musicians, Individuals and Groups - as well as - 

The Singing Bowl Centre, based in Machynlleth, Mid Wales. The centre offers specialised practical tuition to sound-practitioners, musicians and individuals looking for empathetic support, guidance and inner peace.

Craig has taught me many things - one of which is to become the “Master” of your own system -   base it on truth, research and heartfelt delivery.


Mitch Nur, Mike Tamburo (pictured below) and Thomas Orr Anderson - founders of the Gong Camp & Dig Deeper - Exploring Sonic Wisdom online, international, home-study group and the 9Ways Academia. Individually, they are all very accomplished musicians, music educators, sound artists and researchers. 

Anna Motylewska - Founder of the School of Intuition and Solfeggio Sound Therapy Institute in Poland; Master of Integral Sound Healing with focus on tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs and emotional freedom technique.


Karen Michelle Bedford - my dear friend, founder of Healing for Wellness in Mackay, QLD; Intuitive Healer, Bowen Practitioner, Master Gong Practitioner, Master Aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher.

Bronwen Stiene - co-founder of the International School of Reiki; Reiki author and teacher as she guides students in Australia in developing their personal development, meditation and professional Reiki skills. Bronwen teaches courses at the Tomah Reiki Retreat in the Blue Mountains (below) as well as internationally.


Sister Shivani (top, middle) - Globally renowned spiritual guide and teacher from the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement founded in India. BK Shivani is a Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher and has been studying spiritual knowledge and practicing the ancient technique of Raja Yoga Meditation.


Warren Carey (bottom) - Warren is a meditation teacher, Qigong practitioner, energy healer and didgeridoo musician. He has practised Raja Yoga meditation (as taught by the Brahma Kumaris) for nearly 40 years. Currently based in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Rémy Bonneau - my dear friend with skills that are beyond his age; Master didge player from France - probably one of the best you would ever hear in your life ! Sound Therapist and maker of sound healing instruments. His talent has no limit and can only be heard.


Masta - My "Massage in Water" teacher. Founder of Aqua Body Works, Byron Bay, Australia. Master of massage with somatic experiencing for trauma and healing. Singing Bowls can also be placed in water to further enhance the water massage and the feeling of absolute bliss.