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Form a special bond with your baby

Relax in a holistic environment that brings a sense of wellbeing and calm in pregnancy.

We commonly hear that, whilst pregnant, expected mothers crave a slice of scheduled time to relax and to do something for themselves; something that feels good, and something that is positive, as well as, nourishing for their mind and body.

That is why at Sound Wellness, we believe you deserve that time and so make sure to provide a pregnancy-friendly environment. We prioritise and ensure that you can experience a safe and controlled, calm and comfort whist taking part the session.

We want to be able to support prenatal anxiety, alleviate stress, and help you to feel in touch with your breath more than ever before, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and wonder of being pregnant and preparing for the birth of your baby. 

Early prenatal listening experiences have a strong effect on the development of baby’s brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behaviour, and health.

Babies whose mothers were exposed to Sound Therapy during pregnancy show a distinct lack of tension and anxiety as they grow. They have an inner peacefulness about them, are less reactive and feel secure in their relationship with their mother. 

This prenatal sound meditation presents you with an opportunity to totally relax and forget the world for a time. It is the perfect tonic that aids in relaxation and brings about a soothing, cleansing, healing effect whilst strengthening the bond you have with your baby in the womb.


60 min treatment


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